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Terms of use

Chilli terms of use

1. Validity of Terms

1.1. These Terms (hereinafter Terms) govern the customers of chilli.ee, chilli.lv, chilli.lt and Chilli App (hereinafter the Customer) and the Chilli Deals OÜ, registry code 11998579, legal address Ehitajate tee 114-13, Tallinn, Harju, Estonia, 13517 (owner of chilli.ee, chilli.lv, chilli.lt domains and Chilli App, hereinafter Chilli), which acts as an intermediary and between the owners of the Goods or Services mediated by Chilli as sellers (hereinafter also referred to as Merchant in the singular and / or Merchants in the plural), hereinafter referred to separately as the Party and / or in the plural rights and obligations arising from the brokering of Goods or Services.

1.2. The Chilli has been created primarily to introduce the Goods or Services and services sold by the Merchant (hereinafter also referred to as the Goods or Services) to the Customer and to carry out the sales transaction.

1.3. An agreement concluded between the Customer and the Merchant via Chilli is a regulation of the legal relationship concluded between the three parties, by which Chilli undertakes to mediate the conclusion of an agreement with another party (Customer) or the possibility of concluding an agreement with a third party (hereinafter also referred to as the Agreement).

1.4.Each Product or Service offered by Chilli has information about the Merchant. If the Customer needs additional information about the Goods or Services, the Customer has the right to contact Chilli, but if necessary, also contact the Merchant directly.

1.5. In addition to the information about the Goods or Services and Services published by Chilli, the Merchant may provide the Customer with additional information / instructions if the Customer needs it.

1.6. In the part not provided in the Terms, the Client and Chilli proceed from the requirements arising from legislation.

1.7. Chilli is not a party to the Sales Agreement between the Merchant and the Customer concluded via Chilli website or app. The Merchant is responsible for the performance of the Sales Contract, including but not limited to the availability and quality of the Goods or Services and services.

1.8. When concluding a sales contract, Chilli also issues a coupon (hereinafter also referred to as a Voucher) to the User via e-mail and / or mobile message in the Internet website, on the basis of which the Customer can consume or acquire the purchased Goods or Services at the Merchant.

1.9. The coupon shall be marked with the name and value of the purchased Goods or Services, the name of the Merchant, the period prescribed for its redemption at the Merchant, the coupon number, other details and possible special conditions.

1.10. Due to the limitation of the volume of a text message sent by mobile phone, the amount of data contained in the coupon sent by this mobile phone may be smaller, but this allows the coupon to be used under the same conditions.

1.11. To consume purchased Goods or Services or services, the Customer must disclose to the Merchant the coupon number and PIN code indicated on the coupon, printed on paper or by showing a mobile phone text message.

1.12. The information on the Chilli website introducing the Goods or Services has been submitted to Chilli by the Merchant and Chilli is not responsible for their accuracy.

1.13. Chilli has the right to unilaterally change the Terms. Amendments and supplements to the Terms shall take effect from the moment they appear on the website. Orders submitted before the changes take effect are subject to the Terms in force at the time the order was submitted.

1.14. By purchasing Goods or Services and / or registering as a user in the Chilli website, the Customer confirms that he has read the Terms, agrees with them and undertakes to comply with them.

2. Pricing

2.1. The prices of the Goods or Services sold in the Chilli website are shown in euros, do not include transport costs and includes VAT according to the laws of the country where the service provider is located (unless otherwise stated).

2.2. Chilli reserves the right to change prices. In the event of a change in prices, the price valid for the delivery of the order to the Customer, which was reflected on the coupon at the time of placing the order, applies.

2.3. The Goods or Services offered in the Chilli website are on offer from the Merchant for sale to the Customer, but some offers include only a few specific discounts at the Merchant, ie upon redeeming the coupon at the Merchant, the Customer has acquired the right to receive a discount on a specific product or service. In such a case, the Customer acknowledges that at the moment of redemption of the coupon it may be necessary for him to pay the purchase price valid for the Goods or Services at the Merchant, from which the discount purchased by the Customer specified in this clause has been deducted as a separate amount.

2.4. The Customer acknowledges that the Goods or Services to be purchased have the right to receive a discount from the Merchant. Tangible Goods or Services, which the Customer can purchase in their entirety and have them delivered to a location of their choice, include a discount, and the discount applied to them (purchased by the Customer) is generally equivalent to the sales price of the respective Goods or Services.

2.5. The Chilli refers to a discount in the sale offer of most Goods or Services, but this is indicative and shows the normal sales price of the Goods or Services at the Merchant and the difference in its value compared to the price offered by the Chilli website as an intermediary. The percentage of this discount is primarily indicative for the Customer and facilitates the choice.

3. Placing an order and paying for the Goods or Services

3.1. The Customer's shopping cart is created from the moment the Customer has clicked on the "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" button, then it is possible to continue browsing the Goods or Services or start ordering. The Goods or Services in the shopping cart can be added, exchanged or deleted before placing an order.

3.2. The product images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual Product or Service.

3.3. On the Chilli website, the coupons to be purchased are generally referred to as "Voucher" or "Gift Card".

3.4. In order to place an order, the contents of the Shopping Cart must be confirmed, where the Customer must, if necessary, enter the requested data and choose a Everypay payment method. The Customer is directed to the Everypay to pay for the order. The Agreement shall be deemed concluded between the Parties from the moment of payment by the Customer to Chilli, unless the order contains Goods or Services which, in accordance with the law of the Republic of Estonia, require identification of the age of the Customer. In this case, the Agreement enters into force after payment for the Order and determination of the person's age.

3.5. The trouble-free delivery of the Goods or Services purchased by the Customer depends on the accuracy and correctness of the information provided in the order.

3.6. When paying for the Goods or Services, Chilli may request that a payment confirmation be sent by e-mail to Chilli customers service in case it proves necessary (especially failures in the operation of the bank's information systems, etc.).

3.7. The customer has the right to return the Voucher within 14 days and receive a refund if the transaction (i.e. the conclusion of the sales contract) has been made through Chilli website. In the case of a bookable service, such as a hotel booking or similar, the refund policy shown on the service's sales page and voucher will apply, which may override the 14-day right of return and may affect the time or amount of the refund.

3.8. hill has no obligation to renew, cancel, return, exchange or otherwise reimburse vouchers that have not been used in due time.

4. Force majeure

4.1. Neither party shall be liable to the other party and its conduct shall not be deemed a breach of these Terms due to delay or non-performance of any of its obligations unless the reason for such delay or non-performance was beyond the control of that party (force majeure).

5. Protection of personal data

5.1. More detailed information on the processing of personal data can be found on the Personal Data Processing page.

6. Final provisions

6.1. Disagreements and disputes arising from the fulfillment of the conditions shall be resolved by the parties, in particular through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, both parties have the right to apply to the local Consumer Rights Protection Centre or a court.

6.2. If any provision of the Terms is void, the rest of the Terms and the sales contract will not be affected. An invalid provision is replaced by the legal provision that is legally and economically closest to the invalid provision.

6.3. An essential part of these Terms is any information contained in the sales page of the Goods or Services and in the Voucher.


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